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Archive for July, 2006

Monday, July 31st 2006

Home Based Surgery

A couple are charged after a woman they were doing liposuction on, in their basement, died. Neither of them are physicians.

“Honey! Turn down the washing machine, I can’t concentrate!”

The district attorney’s office said authorities believe that Ribeiro and his wife administered illegally obtained drugs and performed the surgical procedure on the woman. Neither Ribeiro nor his wife are licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts.

Police charged Ribeiro with unauthorized practice of medicine, drug possession and distribution, and illegal possession of a hypodermic needle. His wife was charged with unauthorized practice of medicine and drug distribution.

Monday, July 31st 2006

Synthetic Testosterone

A French newspaper is reporting that some of the testosterone in Landis’ sample could not be simply of his incredible masculinity, as it is a synthetic variety.

Monday, July 31st 2006

A New Symptom

I no longer simply go blank and quite when I walk into a standardized patient’s room. No, I’ve gotten passed my nervousness and I’m actually fairly competent with the physical exam. However, I have developedaprettysloppyhabitwhere

Monday, July 31st 2006

AIDS Caused By HIV?

I suppose for anyone who keeps up with conspiracy theories this is nothing new. Indeed, the documentary is kind’ve old. It argues that HIV is not the causes of AIDS. I guess this fact sheet didn’t exist when this video was published.

Here’s another documentary which looks at the theory that HIV was first introduced through contaminated Polio Vaccines in Africa, which is advocated by Edward Hooper.

Thursday, July 27th 2006

I Love Local News

At least they don’t show a picture of a bad staph infection. I’ll spare you as well.

It looks like a spider bite, but doctors say it’s really much worse than that.

It could be MRSA, a type of staph infection that looks much like a spider bite or a boil. Right now, doctors all over the city are seeing cases of MRSA.

Thursday, July 27th 2006

Home Use

Wired dreams up home uses for medical equiptment.

Thursday, July 27th 2006

I Always Thought This Was Wierd

Why did earlier med mal studies (including at least one in which Studdert was involved) find such higher rates of frivolous lawsuits than the recent Harvard School of Public Health study? Well, we don’t actually get an answer to that question (I’m sure an excuse is around somewhere) but Specialty Insurance Blog discusses how the study was spinned to look like a victory for the current method of reimbursing people. I always thought the title of that HSPH press release was a little more than just announcing the findings.

Thursday, July 27th 2006

What Does It All Mean?!

Doping in professional cycling. Everyone let out a *gasp*.

Okay, so we don’t know anything officially yet. It could all be a big mistake. But, how exactly does testosterone help professional athletes? And just how plausible are Landis’ potential excuses?

Landis told SI.com that elevated levels of testosterone are a common problem among cyclists and that he is retaining the services of Spanish doctor Luis Hernandez to help prove his innocence. “In hundreds of cases, no one’s ever lost one,” Landis told the Web site.

Landis also told SI.com that he has been taking an oral dose of thyroid hormone to help a thyroid condition he’s been treating. He also suggested cortisone shots he’s been given for his hip might have contributed to the test result.

Testosterone and other androgens promote muscle growth and hematopoietic stem cell maturation (we all remember when Lance was accused of giving himself EPO, a drug specifically used to raise one’s red blood cell count and thus increase your oxygen delivering capacity).

As for Landis’ claims, they sound semi-plausible. I have no idea how one identifies testosterone in the lab, but increased levels of thyroid hormone could raise one’s testosterone levels. From what I understand increased levels of thyroid hormone increase the overall level of testosterone in your body, but also increases the levels of SHBG. Since most of your testosterone is bound to that, the level of free testosterone isn’t greatly affected by increases in thyroid hormone. If they’re measuring levels of free testosterone, I’m not sure how strong Landis’ argument is, but if the lab is deducing the levels from SHBG, then Landis might have somewhat of an argument.

Wednesday, July 26th 2006

Something to Look Forward To…

Why 3rd year is so much better than the 1st two over at MedRants.

I was stressed first year, I’m getting stressed second year, but I will say I’m a lot less of a nervous wreck than some of my classmates. I mean, I think I’m pretty friendly, even in the midst of exam weeks. To be honest with you I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

All of that might change the closer I get to Step 1, I will say…

Tuesday, July 25th 2006

Quackery As A Substitute

A Virginia judge has lifted the order for a 16 year old boy to restart chemotherapy until his appeals have been exhausted.

A lawyer for Abraham and his parents argued that if the lower court order was allowed to stand, any further legal appeals would be moot.

“Once those doctors take control of Abraham, then the game is over in terms of their appeal that they’re entitled to by statute,” said John Stepanovich, lawyer for Jay and Rose Cherrix.

Of course, the evidence for this homeopathic treatment isn’t looking good,

The type of cancer Abraham has is highly treatable in early stages. Abraham had court-ordered X-rays at CHKD in June. He also had a follow-up exam with his doctors at the Biomedical Center in Mexico, where he’¬ís receiving the Hoxsey treatment. Both exams showed that his tumors – one in his neck and one near his windpipe – had grown since February [when he started the herb treatment].

At least the center in Mexico admits his tumors have grown. I’m not really sure what that says though.