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Friday, July 21st 2006

Back to the Moon

A Libertarian-esque individual excited about public sector space exploration. Hypocrisy!

Thirty-seven years ago today, Project Apollo put the first humans on the surface of the Moon. The next time the U.S. launches its astronauts to Earth’s natural satellite, they will do so as part of Project Orion, collectSPACE.com has learned.

NASA intends to use the moniker Orion as both the title for its next generation manned craft, the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), and as the project’s name. This approach is modeled after the 1960′s program when Apollo Command Modules launched astronauts under Project Apollo.

Under Project Orion, NASA would launch crews of four astronauts aboard Orion capsules, first to Earth orbit and the International Space Station and then later to the Moon.

I would quit medical school and work cleaning out donkey stalls the rest of my life if I could be on one of this missions to the moon…or even better.

H/T Slashdot