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Tuesday, July 25th 2006

Quackery As A Substitute

A Virginia judge has lifted the order for a 16 year old boy to restart chemotherapy until his appeals have been exhausted.

A lawyer for Abraham and his parents argued that if the lower court order was allowed to stand, any further legal appeals would be moot.

“Once those doctors take control of Abraham, then the game is over in terms of their appeal that they’re entitled to by statute,” said John Stepanovich, lawyer for Jay and Rose Cherrix.

Of course, the evidence for this homeopathic treatment isn’t looking good,

The type of cancer Abraham has is highly treatable in early stages. Abraham had court-ordered X-rays at CHKD in June. He also had a follow-up exam with his doctors at the Biomedical Center in Mexico, where he’¬ís receiving the Hoxsey treatment. Both exams showed that his tumors – one in his neck and one near his windpipe – had grown since February [when he started the herb treatment].

At least the center in Mexico admits his tumors have grown. I’m not really sure what that says though.