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Monday, July 17th 2006

Stem Cells

The Senate is about to pass a bill (already cleared the House in a form) that would open up federal research dollars to be used on new embryonic stem cell lines.

That summary was in case you’ve been living in a cave for the past week or so.

Where I stand isn’t so important but reading some of the LOUDER (that’s the adjective I’m going to use) debate, the type that makes you wonder if Socrates is rolling over in his grave, I thought I’d write a brief post on it.

There’s no doubt that stem cells hold great hope. But the debate needs to be viewed on level respectable terms. Here, despite what bloggers like this say, it comes down to how you define life. It is an impossible task to move someone off of their life at (blank) stance. You oppose stem cell research, understanding their huge promise, if life begins at conception. You support stem cell research if it doesn’t.

I can’t imagine who some of these bloggers are writing to – that unknown individual who really believes the life of a few embryos is worth all those who could potentially be saved by stem cells. The most faithful utilitarian of all time.

In anycase, I understand the passion, it is literally for some a life and death issue and, probably as important, it is an issue up for debate right now. Just know what’s actually up for debate.