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Monday, August 28th 2006

The Dems Explain Your "Rights"

If you don’t know My Direct Democracy (MyDD) is a liberal (and I mean that; liberal) community/blog, where one of the primary authors puts out election forecasts. The House goes to the Dems and the Senate barely stays with the Republicans.

We all know these predictions are bogus until October. Still, taking the polls and the forecasts this is what Nancy Pelosi will be selling…

Rather than provide real solutions to the health care concerns of Americans, Republicans have focused on what they call “medical malpractice reform” — a proposal that many analysts say would do more harm than good.

Under the Republican approach, patients who suffer harm by a doctor or hospital would not have the rights they have today. Instead, they would face an arbitrary cap on “non-economic” damages, which disproportionately harms women, children, and the elderly. That means that a parent whose child was killed by an incompetent doctor or the family of an injured stay-at-home mom would lose both financially and emotionally. Only the insurance industry and the big HMOs would win.

I respectfully disagree (okay, not really but I’ll keep my petulant side off the blog). Not that it matters in many states…but it is not everywhere.

In any case, despite my displeasure with the pace of national malpractice reform and the Republican effort, really the odds of national malpractice reform go from “slim” (right now) to “zero” in the next session with the Dem control of even a single house.

And let us not forget the drive to nationalized healthcare as Nancy strives to increase the government’s role.

Free…Market? Did I say that right? This is all so new to me…
Government is the SOLUTION