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Tuesday, August 15th 2006

A Skin Test Tells The Story…

This would be a major step in battling Alzheimer’s.

US researchers say they have discovered enzymes that react abnormally only in the skin of Alzheimer’s patients.

The researchers said their test would be able to distinguish Alzheimer’s from other brain-damaging diseases, such as Parkinson’s.

When it begins, Alzheimer’s is often difficult to distinguish from other conditions – or even from mild cognitive impairment.

But early diagnosis of the condition is key because drugs to slow its progress have the most effect when administered when the disease is still in its earliest stages.

The researchers found Alzheimer’s stimulated a change in enzymes called MAP Kinase Erk 1 and 2.

They carried out tests on tissue samples taken from people who had died from various known causes, including Alzheimer’s.

The Erk 1/2 response to the inflammatory chemical, bradykinin, was different in samples from Alzheimer’s patients to that seen in tissues taken from other people.