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Tuesday, August 8th 2006

Battle for Conneticut

The campaign has sometimes seemed like that with “DINO” Lieberman battling Ned Lamont for the Democratic Senate primary. It is the nation’s most watched race considering Lieberman is a multi-term incumbent and Lamont’s political experience consists of serving on the Greenwhich Tourism Board or something like that. (Okay he was a “selectman”)

Still he leads in the polls, because Lieberman has been hurt by his support for the war in Iraq and his relationship with President Bush (he reads bed time stories to him sometimes).

The real question is, who is better for Conneticut and this country on healthcare issues?

Lieberman supports basically a government subsidy for the very poor in finding private health insurance. Pretty good deal as far as Democrats go.

There is a morally scandalous fact-that that 43 million Americans don’t have health insurance, 2 million more than when George Bush became president. I’m proposing to create a national health insurance pool like the one that members of Congress get our insurance from. If you don’t have insurance now, you’ll be able to get it, probably free, if you’re among the low-income working poor. If you’re a child, you will be covered by insurance at birth. If you are fired from your work or lose your job, you will not lose your health insurance. MediKids is part of my program. Every child born in America will become a member of MediKids, and it will cover them from birth through 25. Why 25? Because young adults have a hard time affording health insurance, and a lot of them think they’re not going to get sick, but they do, and we need to cover them.

Nifty Ned supports universal, single payor, government run healthcare. Not so good.

Our country has to move towards fundamental healthcare reform which makes affordable, universal coverage a right for all citizens, with a funding mechanism that reduces the cost to employers who are trying to compete worldwide and keep good paying jobs in this country (that’s one reason business folks in this country want healthcare reform back on the American agenda).

Well, now my support is known.

Vote Joe in 2006!

That should come as no surprise considering Lieberman is staying afloat with Conservative dollars and support. Even if Lamont wins the primary, Lieberman as an independent is still the favorite to conserve his Senate seat, albeit by less and less each month.

Polls close at 8 EST.