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Wednesday, August 9th 2006

Dwayne Jarrett Is Back!

DJ, USC’s nearly unamimous All-America Wide Reciever, was suspended after the Rose Bowl when it came out that he hadn’t been paying his full share of the rent. That makes it out to be worse than it was. He was living with Matt Leinart, in a very nice private apartment (you know it is high class with that MIDI music on its webpage) complex in Downtown LA that lots of USC students live in.

They were both paying $650 a month out of their scholarship/living stipend money for rent. Matt’s father was paying the rest of the rent. There doesn’t seem anything really malicious about this, except this counts as a financial gift from Matt’s father to Dwayne.

Well, the NCAA suspended him pending an investigation but now that all the information has been over, DJ has been reinstated WITHOUT a suspension, and the fair penalty has been that he donate the same amount he saved by not paying his full rent to a charity of his choice.

This is great news.