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Monday, August 14th 2006

Hey, Dummy, The System Makes The Team

Eric Moneypenny ignores history.

Of course, thoughts of Cal running the table in 2006 makes you wonder where USC fits into the hypothesis. After all, USC is reloading, not rebuilding. However, the Trojans have a ton of receipts coming their way from the handfuls of obnoxious Pac-10 blowouts they’ve dealt out over the past few seasons. For many conference foes, 2006 looks like the best chance to turn in those receipts. While the Leinart-Bush-White blowouts were fun to watch, you know that the Bellottis, Koetters, and Dorrells of the West Coast haven’t forgotten. In August, that No. 3 AP preseason ranking looks pretty fit out in Troy, but that 3 could have a 1 or 2 stuck in front of it by November.

With USC possibly out of the way for a season, let’s look at the dudes from Berkeley.

Yes, because USC blew teams out they’re doomed to get beaten. It is karma baby. By his reasoning, Mississippi St. is on line for a victory. And God help Texas when the Aggies come to town (check it since 2000).

He goes on to claim we have too many question marks to run the table. Not any more than 2003. Maybe Eric should actually visit a couple fall camps, either that or go back and return his degree from whatever second rate journalism school let him walk its stage.

Like I said, there is too much talent. The system makes the team, USC just plugs players in.