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Friday, August 25th 2006

Keep Your Eyes Peeled…

According to CNNSI, USC has three of the “Top 15 Games To Watch.” Of course the good ol’ pundits basically go on to pick against USC in two of the three.

First we have games vs. Nebraska, and vs. Cal

And the #1 game everyone should be looking forward to for the 2006 season? Probably because last year was one of the greatest college football games of all time.

vs. Notre Dame

I guess whatever CNNSI staffer put this photo array together didn’t put much stock in the fact that all of those games are IN Los Angeles, in picking Cal and ND to beat the Trojans.

Can 2006 USC v. Notre Dame Possibly Live Up To This?

In similiar fashion over at ESPN’s “Fearless Predictionsonly 1 of 12 pundits thinks USC will reach the National Championship game. However 11 of 12 think USC will win the PAC 10 (and thus play in a BCS bowl).