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Monday, August 28th 2006

My True Love

It fast approaches. The first college football game of the new season is Thursday! Tomorrow look for a round up of USC camp and the upcoming Arkansas game.

For now though, in anticipation of the season Kirk Herbstreit has released his preseason awards (This year compared to last year).

Some disrespect. Is this really the same guy who repeatedly called last year’s USC team the best ever. Hell, there’s even a drinking game for it.

Rule No. 4: “The Greatest Ever.” If any contemporary player, team, or game is declared “The Greatest _________ Ever,” everyone takes one drink, except The Runt, who gets to punch anyone who is a fan of the player or team, or who watched the game, being touted as “The Greatest Ever.” If the discussion of “The Greatest Ever” involves an interview with Pete Carroll or a Southern Cal player, everyone must finish his drink, except The Runt, who gets to punch everyone in the arm once.

Calvin Johnson & Jeff Samardzijajakdgyu better than Dwayne Jarrett? Lawrence Jackson all the way down at the #4 defensive end? Kirk better look back at those All American lists. Not a single USC LB on the list?

Okay, okay, those really are small silghts. On the list, C.J. Gable is the number one most promising freshman (I don’t know about that actually but, nice to hear). And of course USC gets props for turning out during GameDay (I did my part during the 2004 season). And Pete Carroll gets his due…but com’n Kirk, you have to move Lawrence Jackson up and put at least one member of the country’s best linebacking corp on your list.

Whatever happened to USC-phant Kirk?
“No, I’m pretty sure the Trojans won the Rose Bowl.”