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Wednesday, August 23rd 2006

Not New News

Booty is the QB at USC? A shocker.

Sanchez made a positive impression during spring practice, but Carroll had already committed to Booty. While both have been impressive at practice this month, Booty is clearly No. 1.

The story is notable because it ignores some of the “problems” Sanchez and Booty have been having at camp. Not in their relationship, every indication is that they’re great friends, and USC will certainly never find itself in this position.

No, problems running the offense. Okay, not problems but 45 – 50% completion percentages, tipped passes, and interceptions aren’t exactly the stuff of confidence. That appears to be improving, and you have to keep in mind that this defense during the spring has looked like one of the best in the country.

That isn’t an exageration. This defense is fast, hits hard, is older, smarter and one of the most athletically talented in the country.