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Saturday, August 19th 2006

Oh, Peter Duesberg…

…your only success has been undermining public health. I linked to this video previously, but I thought I’d put it into the blog. I don’t know when this video was produced, but some jackass uploaded it to Google Video in March of 2006.

What is even sadder than this video is HIV’s most prominent nay sayer happens to be a member of the National Academy of Science and of course he has his supporters. You can read his ideas behind AIDs in this published paper. Here a defense of him compares him to Copernicus.

To show the theory still has some kick (outside the nutcase who uploaded this video), also in March Harper Magazine published an AIDS denialist article, in which the author recounted Duesberg’s ideas.

Of course this video makes use of him in interviews.

AIDSTruth has an article countering Duesberg on their website and the journal Science specifically set out to destroy his theory in a 1994 publication.

The HIV-AIDS hypothesis is also denied by a few other prominent scientists including noble prize winner Kary Mullis. Here is an interview with him.

Personally I think that here and here are all the rebuttals necessary.