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Wednesday, August 23rd 2006

On The Money…

I always liked Mandel. He may be my favorite college football writer. He does his research (unlike plenty of other pundits). He really, really does. I may not always agree with his conclusions but for dozens upon dozens of teams he actually knows what he’s talking about.

Including traveling to camps. Anyway, this sounds right on the money,

Freshman tailback C.J. Gable. Emmanuel Moody may be faster, Allen Bradford may be stronger and Stafon Johnson may be more talented, but Gable has been more consistent than all of them and has separated himself from the freshman foursome at tailback and would be the Trojans’ starter if the season began today. Some of that has to do with the nagging left hamstring injury plaguing Chauncey Washington, who was pegged as the starter before camp but could miss the opener. Gable has earned the opportunity. He has not only been the most consistent back in camp, but also the most impressive, showcasing unusually good vision and patience for a true freshman runner.

Check out the entire “postcard.”