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Tuesday, August 22nd 2006

Pregnant, Suicidal And With High Cholesterol

Wasn’t this already a noted side effect of Accutane?

a study involving almost 14,000, mostly young patients taking the drug, elevations in blood cholesterol, triglycerides (a blood fat), and a blood liver function test were more common than have been previously reported.

Blood levels returned to normal or to pretreatment levels in the vast majority of patients in the months after they stopped taking Accutane, however.

Researchers say this finding is reassuring, but they add that patients should be followed longer to see if there are long-term implications for cardiovascular and liver disease risk.

Not to give anything away on my personal medical history but despite the birth defects and risk of depression and suicidal thoughts Accutane is a wonder drug. Of course if you listened to Stupak or stop by Parker & Waichman’s website you’d never get the sense that the protective measures might be going a little overboard.

There were huge measures in place before iPledge, which started in March of 2006. All forms of isotretinoin, including Accutane, come with some of the most prominent and detailed FDA mandated warnings and panels in and on the packaging. It spreads out the possible (although extremely rare) side effects that could potentially arise. There were mandated updated liver function tests and pregnancy tests for women.

Of course those still exist but now, on top of it all there is the iPledge registry.

No system is perfect of course, but this drug is literally amazing for millions of people. It simply works for a huge number of patients.