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Sunday, August 13th 2006

Take This Everyday…

We want you to take a pill everyday, even though you can’t use a condom every time you have sex.

Okay that isn’t fair. In a lot of the world the fact that the use of condoms is taboo and other issues hinder these HIV preventitive practices. In anycase, the antiretroviral Viread has been effective at preventing infection amongst prostitutes who it was given to in a study in Africa.

The first test of a daily pill to prevent HIV infection gave a tantalising hint of success, but a real answer must await a larger study due out next year.

The experiment, done in Africa, mainly showed that the drug Viread is safe when used for prevention. Fewer people given the drug caught the AIDS virus than those given dummy pills, but so few in either group became infected that valid comparisons cannot be made, scientists said.

This is a new use for the drug that could very well help slow the spread of HIV.