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Friday, August 18th 2006

Not To Toot My Own Horn…

I had an introductory lecture on NSAIDs in pharm the other day. You can listen below as he introduces NSAIDs.

Introduction to NSAIDs

What was interesting though is that the lecturer took time out to discuss how he had predicted (and anyone could have predicted) the cardiotoxic effects of Vioxx. He also trounces the marketing of the COX-2 inhibitors as endangering public health. Not that any other COX-2 inhibitor has shown an increased risk of heart attack, and I’m not sure the mechanism he describes for the increased risk of heart attack is the current accepted one. Still it is interesting.

Especially since even after claiming their obvious risks he trounced juries for thinking they could decipher that Vioxx caused the heart attack of a diabetic, obese plantiff with high cholesterol.

The Mistakes of COX-2 Inhibitors

It is indeed a flawed system.