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Wednesday, August 30th 2006

The Earth Stood Still

Okay, first off, I promise, I’m working on a huge piece on the new CPS figures on the uninsured and the media coverage the rise in the number of uinsured has gotten the past several days. So I’m getting back to my roots.

But, another college football post. I never read CBS Sportsline, I am almost exclusively an ESPN and CNNSI guy but I found a pundits preseason rankings I actually agree with!

1. tOSU
2. W. Virginia
3. Notre Dame
4. Auburn
5. LSU
6. USC
7. Texas
8. Cal
9. Florida St.
10. Florida

CBS Sportsline is high on West Virginia and low on Texas. Granted I wish they gave less respect to Notre Dame but this corrects some of my major qualms with both polls and other major sport’s media college football rankings.

And like I’ve said I like USC, with its question marks, in the #5 – 7 spot.

But then of course I remembered why I don’t tread over at Sportsline, the jackass that is Dodd.

7. USC (8): Scandal Central and the Trojans should still win the Pac-10. Steroids, agents, surgeries. This program is invincible.

Spend my time reading Mandel or a man who thinks UCLA is going to have a break out season!? (They made his ten teams to watch list)