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Tuesday, August 29th 2006

The Good News Keeps Coming…

…and the “good news” is Mao. You may remember back to China’s report of early signs of success with an AIDS vaccine. It is a short trip down memory lane.

Well, right on the heels of that, the country’s scientists are reporting success with an H5N1 vaccine.

Tests were conducted on six human volunteers at a Beijing hospital between November and June, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Researchers said the vaccine “proved initially safe and effective,” the official Xinhua News Agency reported. It gave no other details of the results, or of any plans for more testing.

The tests were conducted by the China Center for Disease Control and Prevent and a Chinese drug company, Beijing Sinovac Biotech Co., according to Xinhua.

Chinese authorities say the vaccine is meant for high-risk groups such as poultry workers.

We can only imagine their next success. A vaccine for westernization?