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Saturday, August 12th 2006

Those Marxist-Leninists Are Sturdy

Castro is up talking and walking and “dispatching some business” according to a Cuban newspaper.

Top officials in recent days have said he is recuperating and should be back to work in upcoming weeks, reassuring many Cubans. But a sliver of skepticism still exists for some, who say they believe the situation may be more grave than officials admit.

This seems like a poor choice in terms of strategy if the Cuban dictator is actually dead or doing poorly. If this is truly Castro’s end they probably want to squelch any ideas by anti-Castro zealots within the country, by showing strength, while they secure his succession. However, if they’re putting out false reports and they have to turn around and say, “Well, he was doing great but then he just upped and died,” it is giong to cause great turmoil, even if Raul is in a strong position, with guarantees of loyalty from all the right people.