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Monday, August 7th 2006

USC To Play For The National Championship

If the crystal ball over at College Football News is getting good reception.

Of course, not everyone can be so high on my Trojans. Many columnists can’t even spell ‘blue chip recruits’ or ‘#1 Recruiting Class’. “What you want to play tic tac toe?”

The only guys Schlabach knows are the ones who appear on SportsCenter. Good thing for TiVo so he can pause it was his pen & pad and squint to make out the names on the back of the jerseys…”Who the hell is this guy? B…U…S…H”

I’m also always impressed by free yahoo emails. Nothing spells success like plastering your business contact info as @yahoo.com. You’d think with this much success (#845,886 on Amazon’s best seller list), Schlabach could afford a real email account. I don’t know how it could be so low with reviews like this,

As an alumni of the University of Georgia with a BA in English, if there is one thing I know how to do, its how to read. And I have to say that I enjoyed reading this work of genius better than just about anything I have picked up in my entire life. Mark Schlabach is the modern day Shakespeare of sports writing. He combines Edgar Allen Poe’s sense of mystery with Mark Twain’s unique perspective, and then ties it all together with John Steinbeck’s multiple levels of depth and message.

Wow, good to know the one thing the University of Georgia is guaranteed to do is teach you how to read as a student. Also, that Mark Schlabach is Shakespeare’s successor.

Back to the yahoo email, maybe he just doesn’t want to waste the money on an account that is going to get filled with jerkwad comments from college football fans.