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Tuesday, August 15th 2006

When Green Shouts, You Listen

Coach Green was upset that Leinart was the last NFL rookie holding out.

Green sharply criticized Leinart and his representatives for rejecting “a more than generous” offer.

“It is an outstanding contract,” Green said. “It’s $14 million guaranteed.”

Green said the deal is far more than a 10th pick would normally receive.

Of course he finally signed a six year deal worth $51 million (if a bunch of conditions are met) but with only $14 million guaranteed. Only!

By contrast, Vince Young recieved a 5 year deal and will walk away with no less than $26 million. So, a considerably nicer deal for Vince (which is probably what had Leinart holding out), but VY was taken 7 spots ahead of Leinart in the draft.