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Wednesday, August 23rd 2006

Yes, Full Disclosure Is Your Strong Suit

Bush is pushing strong to strengthen transparency in healthcare costs and healthcare outcomes. From Minnesota,

The president on Tuesday led a health-policy forum in Minnetonka and signed an executive order requiring four federal agencies to provide health-care cost and quality data.

“Health-care policy ought to be aimed at bolstering the consumer – empowering individuals to be responsible for health-care decisions,” Bush told the largely receptive crowd of 400 health-care professionals and local politicians invited to the event.

Bush’s health “plan” centers around consumer driven health plans and HSAs. These obviously fail without transparency in pricing and quality.

Despite some of my comments, I’m personally a big fan of consumer driven healthcare and I appluad any move towards transparency. Yes there are kinks to work out but I’m even a proponent of P4P (until of course it is actually a part of determining my income :) )