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Wednesday, September 13th 2006

A Year And A Pocket Full O' Dreams

Getting behind in medical school is a lot like sinking in quick sand. I’m basically going to miss the first week of a module on male repo and the kidney, traveling around doing healthcare policy stuff.

The Question Is How Many Books Can You Cram Into Your Checked Luggage?

I hate feeling like I’m just pushing through and sacrificing some of the early parts of this year for other interests. Up in Washington I was meeting with congressional staffers who were my age! Including multiple health LAs who were applying to medical school.

It certainly got me thinking, if I found the right situation I’m thinking I might like to take a year in between the basic science and clinical years of medical school and do healthcare policy work. I think such oppurtunities are out there, and the question of course is when will I ever have the time again?