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Tuesday, September 26th 2006

All That Work…

Input “bipartisan” and “town hall meetings” and you get out:

A clear majority of participants in community meetings…are in favor of a national system that providers universal coverage. However, “universal coverage” means different things to different people. The values and preferences being expressed did not lead the working group to conclude that there was only one particular model for ensuring that all Americans have access to high quality health care. Several approaches need to be analyzed and debated.

I would’ve sworn that was what we were doing before this report. In anycase, I’d like to think Senators Hatch and Wyden for chartering the group. A valuable use of Congress’ time in constructing and passing the legislation which created the Citizens’ Health Care Working Group. Add it to your CVs with pride.

You can look at the full recommendations on their website.

“Who Could’ve Known The American Health Care System Was In Trouble Before This Report?!”

By 2012 all Americans should have access to high quality health care…through some means.

Americans should have universal access to health insurance by the year 2012, a congressionally mandated report concluded Monday.

That should spur some action.