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Monday, September 18th 2006

"Coalition" Falls Apart In Front of Mad Man?

How dangerous is Ahmadinejad asks Time Magazine? Even as Chirac tippy toes around the issue of sanctions for Iran.

From the Time article,

TIME: Are America and Iran fated to be in conflict?

AHMADINEJAD: No, this is not fate. And this can come to an end. I have said we can run the world through logic. We are living our own lives. The U.S. government should not interfere in our affairs. They should live their own lives. They should serve the interests of the U.S. people. They should not interfere in our affairs. Then there would be no problems with that.

From the NYT on the French response to Iran,

In an effort to jump-start formal negotiations between six world powers and Iran over the fate of its nuclear program, President Jacques Chirac of France suggested today that Iran would not have to freeze crucial nuclear activities until after the talks began.

Over the years, Mr. Chirac consistently has taken a hard line against Iran in both public and private. But his remarks in a radio interview could be interpreted as a concession to Iran, whose officials publicly have said they will not suspend their production of enriched uranium as demanded by the United Nations Security Council.

Taking A Big Step Back From Sanctions
“Appeasement Works! Trust Us, We Know!”