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Thursday, September 28th 2006

Feel The Wrath

Medical Rants and myself praised yet another New York Times’ article recently which basically said health care spending isn’t a problem, because we have to spend our resources on something – why not our health?

Well, New York Times meet the wrath of Matt Holt.

We spend that much because the system has been politically rigged so that it’s virtually impossible not to. There is no causal connection between the vague desire for increased life expectancy on behalf of the public, and the increase in health care system spending. But there is a huge causal connection between the desire for greater health care system revenue on behalf of the system stakeholders and the increase in health care spending– because we have a funding system set up on their behalf. Has the NY Times not heard of, say, Medicare Part D? Have they not heard of 30 years of Wennberg’s Dartmouth works which proves that high cost care has bugger-all to do with improved outcomes?

I stick by my original claims.