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Saturday, September 23rd 2006

Genus On Board


I Believe In You Coach Hawkins

I’m at 80% picking games ATS this college football season. Even picking chump games that is impressive. And, this week, who in God’s name would’ve thought Colorado would’ve even have had a gamel at Georgia come down to the wire? Except me of course.

Of course that is kind’ve offset when Illinois drops a final quarter touchdown to allow Iowa to fail the spread and of course, it should’ve been obvious, 42 points is a challenge for Auburn with that offense…even against Buffalo. As well I can think Beamerball for sucking against Cincy (although they stepped it up in the second half) and I look like a fool at the half, even though I questioned…I mentioned it in a post…that the 17 pt spread seemed large for Ohio St., but I picked them to cover against the Nittany Lions (who lead by 3 at half time).

Despite that Colorado pick this may end up being one of my worse weeks.

Wow, Penn St quarterback Morrelli saves me with two fourth quarter interceptions returned for touchdowns so that Ohio St. covers the spread.

USC isn’t looking like it is going to beat Arizona by 22 points. And that bounce back I was predicting for Notre Dame…hmm…well, it could still show up, but it hasn’s so far.

This is shaping up to easily be my worst week of the very short year.