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Thursday, September 7th 2006

I Flooded The Engine!

Daily Kos is talking about Sen. Specter’s NSA wiretapping bill [Text of Bill] which would allow but not require the president to submit the NSA program to FISC (the same court he didn’t think he could go to for warrants originally!)

Well, the bill is stalled up in Specter’s Judiciary Committee. Hooray!

Here’s the NYT article which Daily Kos is linking to. We all know that that Judge Taylor’s decision [Memorandum Opinion] will probably be overturned. In fact she probably did us a diservice from all the opinions I’ve read by writing such a “poorly reasoned” opinion. There are certain major questions here, but the fact the first case was not well reasoned (and is open to be overturned) probably means future cases (where the judges might provide more concrete legalese for ending the program) will be more difficult.

Stalled In The Deep Waters Of An Election Year