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Sunday, September 17th 2006

It's A Coincidence!

Texas malpractice cap correlates with decreased physician premiums.

TMLT will reduce rates by 7.5 percent for all specialties across the state beginning Jan. 1. Current TMLT policyholders will receive the rate decrease when their policy renews.

TMLT has reduced annual rates four times within the past several years: by 12 percent in 2004; by 5 percent in 2005; by 5 percent in 2006; and the current reduction for 2007.

By the end of 2007, TMLT’s rate reductions since 2004 will amount to nearly $139 million, and the returned dividends of 25 percent will amount to nearly $45 million, according to the trust.

It’s a coincidence. A temporal relation means nothing! TMLT is an organized medicine patsy, of course they’re working to make it look like malpractice caps are “working!” Thus shout the malpractice-premium naysayers.