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Monday, September 18th 2006

It's A Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Game Day

Has USC abandoned its students?

The USC Athletics Department and Student Affairs announced at last Tuesday’s Undergraduate Student Government meeting that they cut student seating to 8,000 even though they would still sell 12,000 Spirit Activities Cards.

The upper sections formerly reserved for students were sold to the general public, while sections on the 50-yard line were sold to alumni donors, Athletics said.

Beyond that, the line to get into the Colisseum was a bonafide disaster for USC’s first home game. A disgrace as it appears.

This Is What $35,000 A Year Gets Ya On Game Day

Spirit Card holders can only access the stadium through one entrance, and the line, which Richard Kil, a junior majoring in business administration, described as “a big mass trying to get into a smaller line,” is often congested and overcrowded.

Student accounts on online forums reported that the shoving in line resulted in several injuries.

Drayton said he dispatched 10 to 25 officers into the crowd to “save people from being crushed.”

“It was a very dangerous situation because there were people who could physically be suffocated,” he said.

“Their system of fencing to get us in is basically asking for a stampede,” Connor Gants, a sophomore majoring in political science, wrote on a Facebook group message board. “There were several points where I feared for my health just getting into the stadium.”

You Suffer For USC Football

As well the “Spirit Cards” (basically a sports season pass you buy for around $100) are having a lot of trouble.

Students also reported that their Spirit Cards did not work when they got to the game.

Kil said he was turned away after officials at the gate told him there was no record of his Spirit Card purchase.

Kil, who also encountered a problem with the processing of his card last year, said he not only purchased the card online, but was also told in person at the Ticket Office that his transaction was completed.

“She did her little clickity-clickity thing (on the Ticket Office computer) and told me eye-to-eye that I purchased a Spirit Activity Card,” he said. “I was lied to by the Ticket Office.”

USC hater alumni Scott Wolf is actually advocating for something good! He’s getting peeved over the treatment of students for this Nebraska game here and here.