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Monday, September 18th 2006

Penis Transplant

A cadaveric penis transplant has to be removed in China. Why? Because of psychological complications.

[T]he patient and his wife apparently would rather not have a dead stranger’s penis in their lives. There was no physical rejection of the organ, but the patient and his wife had a “severe psychological problem” with it, and the surgeons had to remove it.

It seems a shame because after 10 days, the surgeons reported that the organ had a rich blood supply and the man could urinate normally.

But this is a common, and not surprising, problem among people who receive visible transplants from dead donors. In 2001, surgeons had to amputate the first hand transplant because the patient found the hand to be “hideous and withered.” The French surgeon acknowledged this problem in his paper outlining the first face transplant earlier this year.

Understandable. I wonder how “gung ho” they were going into the procedure.