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Saturday, September 2nd 2006

PRCA Champion

In The Pipeline has a nice round up of the situation Merck is in with Vioxx right now.

For the time being, anyway, the flood of damaging information and bad decisions coming from Merck’s side seems to have receded, perhaps because there wasn’t much left to accomplish in that line. Interestingly, if you were a Merck shareholder before the Vioxx disaster hit, you’re still underwater – but if you bought afterwards, you’ve done extremely well. This seems to reflect (understandable) panic at first, followed by relief that the company was capable of winning a case or two and not immediately disappearing beneath the flood waters. But if we’re going to try every case at least twice, I don’t see the stock making much headway for a while.

And if my obtuse, none too clever title is confusing, click here and see if you can figure out the reference.