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Friday, September 8th 2006

The Biggest Thing Since Sliced Bread

I’m going away for a few days and I just couldn’t leave a medically releavant post as the top one. That just didn’t seem right.

So, I’m going to throw my predictions out for the Ohio St versus Texas game. The first regular season #1 – #2 match up in a decade. And also for Notre Dame and Penn St.

Surgeon Smith

What do I really think is going to happen? I have this shaking suspicion that this game is going to fail the hype and Texas is going to win by 2+ scores. But, THAT IS NOT MY OFFICIAL PICK.

I simply can’t pick against my fellow medical professional, plus I really really hope the Longhorns lose.

The Ohio St defense can’t stop the Texas running game, but we see similiar results when the ball changes posession. In a close game Colt McCoy throws two picks and the once pressing Troy Smith is nearly perfect in a Buckeye victory.

tOSU 34 — Texas 27
[College Football News Disagrees]

In South Bend, I think Notre Dame will prove more than a match for Penn St.

Notre Dame 31 — Penn St 17
[CFN Prediction]