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Saturday, September 2nd 2006

Quick Hits Week 1

What I Think From This Saturday of College Football…

I Think You Can Expect More of This…

  • What USC did versus Arkansas was the most impressive of any Top 10 team this Saturday
  • Colt McCoy performed much more admirably for UT than I thought he would but…
  • …North Texas is not tOSU
  • Okay, Colt McCoy looked very good and that’ll probably give him much needed confidence against the Buckeyes
  • Nebraska is still a question mark for September 16th (500+ yds of offense but a tough beginning against LA – Layfeyette (!) )
  • This front seven of USC is a mosnter
  • This Trojan secondary is improved (it would be hard not to be with all the injuries last year) but we’ll need to see more to see just how much
  • I vastly overestimated first game jitters for the USC offense
  • John David Booty is the next great USC quarterback!
  • Robert Johnson was much more composed than I thought he would be
  • Mustain will be an All-SEC quarterback one day
  • I saw way more USC running back by committee than I thought I would
  • These freshman running backs are beasts
  • I’m still picking Ohio St. against Texas
  • These bootlegs and reliance on the backs and Fred Davis for the majority of your passing yards isn’t going to cut it later in the season
  • The USC offensive line is in fine shape
  • Cal embarassed the PAC 10 tonight against the Volunteers
  • The fact the SEC “pounded” the PAC 10 makes all the headlines today, even though the PAC 10 was 6 – 3 over the last two years against the nation’s self proclaimed “greatest” conference.
  • The SEC is still overrated
  • I don’t know what to make of Tennessee
  • Despite my preseason predictions, I don’t think I can pick against USC versus Nebraska
  • Let us hope these young guys don’t get complacent over the bye week
  • Notre Dame needed the refs to help them escape an upset
  • After that performance anyone who thinks the Irish are play in Tempe has too much green in their blood
  • Lou Holtz is an idiot

It was an absolutely stunning victory by USC. We started slow and no one should’ve expected more but this game was always in hand. Arkansas never led and as the game progressed and John David Booty got comfortable we opened up the offense and Booty looked great.

The WRs were not much of a factor. Patrick Turner got a lot of time on the field. I think the offense will have to rely less on the naked bootleg and on the backs as recievers in the coming weeks. As might have been predicted, Fred Davis, USC’s more than talented TE, was one of Booty’s favorite targert. Expect a monster year out of him.

And now for some more fun. Bradford’s and Gable’s touchdown runs below.