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Sunday, September 17th 2006

Quick Hits Week 3

  • What a brutal injury for Ryan
  • Is John David Booty looking accurate, composed, and talented or what?
  • There is no chance he’ll win the Heisman
  • Still not the high flying passing game of last year but, impressive none the less
  • Notre Dame had a “good” record from last year – against crappy teams…
  • …they were bound to be overrated coming into this season
  • Apparently Kiffin knows what he’s doing with Jarrett
  • This defense steps it up when it has to
  • This defense is a monster, holding Nebraska to <250 yds
  • What no Stafon?!
  • What no Bradford?!
  • Bradford should get some work at FB
  • The running game is still a work in progress…
  • …that might make it more impressive
  • Brohm and Bush Who?!
  • Is Louisville this good or Miami this bad?
  • Will Larry Coker be back next season?
  • Brady Quinn will never forget that blooper fumble at the end of the ND game
  • Dwayne Jarrett is the best WR in the nation
  • Oregon got away with one
  • Auburn got away with one
  • JaMarcus Russell calls that clock managment?
  • Did Callahan out think himself and look at the Arkansas 4.8 yards per rush?
  • I wish I had seen what looked like a great Tenn – Fla game
  • Can Michigan beat tOSU? Or is Notre Dame really that overrated?

Conquest Chronicles’ Nebraska review. He’s not so sure on JDB,

He had a couple balls get away from him and was lucky that the Nebraska defenders dropped some easy balls for int.’s that surely would have lead to some easy scores.

Could USC be even better this year?

“We’re more of a team this year,” said USC receiver Steve Smith after USC defeated Nebraska 28-10 at the Coliseum on Saturday night. “There’s a lot of no-name guys on this team and we’re definitely more team oriented. There are guys who’ve been in the system for years and they’re finally getting a chance to show what they can do.”

“There aren’t as many stars around us this year,” said Smith. “There were crazy stars last year when we had Reggie [Bush] and Matt [Leinart]. It was pretty crazy everywhere we went. It’s a calmer now and guys are a little more focused. I had fun last year, but there were times when you just wanted to chill. Random people would knock on our doors and try to come in our rooms on the road last year. I remember we were in Notre Dame and three random girls were knocking on my door trying to come in but I didn’t open it. I just wanted to get some sleep. Things are just calmer now.”

While things might be calmer off the field, the Trojans are continuing with their aggressive ways on the field — racking up points on offense and suffocating teams on defense. The biggest difference this year, however, is the Trojans’ defense is far better than last year’s bend-but-don’t-break unit ever was.

College Football News’ Nebraska review thinks the Trojans are like a blue collar boxer – take your best punches without going down and when you’re worn out…BAM.

[S]implicity, consistency and toughness. Without huge, game-breaking plays or razzle-dazzle play calls, the Trojans used a reliable mix of short passing and power running to alternately freeze and overpower the Huskers’ overmatched defense. Rocking Nebraska with speed on some occasions and rolling over the Huskers with pure power on others, USC constantly and clinically outpaced the Huskers over the final three quarters. The home team’s measure of control in this game was so substantial that after Nebraska’s one touchdown, the Trojans–seemingly amused more than anything else by the development–promptly replied with a six-minute touchdown drive to put the game away. Again, no one play stood out; it was just old-fashioned superiority, forged with sweat and muscle on each successive snap. The style points might not exist the way they did in the Leinart-Bush era, but this blue-collar identity is working just fine for a USC team that is physically stronger and ever more balanced on both sides of the ball.