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Monday, September 25th 2006

Quicker Backtracks Have Not Been Seen

The administration at Southern Cal is backtracking on their student ticket policy. Not hard to predict this decision after the student outrage.

Scott Wolf is publishing a publicly released letter.

President Steven B. Sample has directed me and other senior officers of USC to develop a plan in consultation with student leaders that will guarantee that all undergraduate students at USC–all 16,400– have the opportunity to purchase reserved football tickets for the 2007 season at a deep discount before tickets are made available to the general public.

We will also provide greater access for students for the remaining 2006 football season home games. Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Lori White and Senior Associate Athletic Director Steve Lopes are also working with student leaders to address two additional concerns: reserved seating and safe and orderly entry to the Coliseum.

On behalf of the university, I apologize to all students who were turned away from the Nebraska game or who encountered problems getting into the Coliseum. We did not plan well; we did not communicate well; we did not seek student advice to the degree that we needed to.

Laying The Smackdownizzle. Now The Athletic Department Administration Knows Who Is In Charge

Ah, a brilliant move, right out of Sun Tzu’s Art of War The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership.