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Wednesday, September 27th 2006

Reasons Not To Do Spine Work

Managed Care Matters has linked to the Top 25 most abused pain meds in WC. God forbid I ever work with a large worker comp population.

This is not meant as a generalization for all worker comp patients but the abuses and down right false claims in the Texas system are stunning. I have no doubt from my time in an ortho office with almost exclusive WC patients that worker’s comp has a larger percentage of drug seekers and false claims than the general patient population. How can it not the way it is set up?

Multiple calls a week with excuses -

* I dropped them all down the sink

* They were stolen out of my car.

* I left them at a restaurant

* They were stolen out of my purse

Having to hunt down other prescriptions the patient might be filling through other docs. I don’t have a lot of sympathy and I know I never want a practice where I deal with a lot of WC patients or with pain patients such as being a NS or an orthopod who specializes in spine or doing a pain fellowship after an anes residency. They do great work, but under stressors I am simply not willing to put up with.