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Monday, September 18th 2006

The Cost of Alarm

Preparing for a bird flu global out break is going to cost more than $1.9 trillion dollars.

he global effort to fight bird flu and prepare for a threatened pandemic will cost more than the $1.9 billion already pledged, and more support is needed in Indonesia, which is “seriously affected” by the virus, a United Nations envoy said.

David Nabarro, the UN’s senior coordinator for avian and pandemic flu, said the money promised by donor countries and organizations at a conference in Beijing in January won’t be enough to sustain programs aimed at identifying and controlling the virus in poultry, and upgrading laboratories and hospitals.

No one wants to be caught with their pants down. This isn’t swine flu. Their are hundreds of people dying in southeast Asia, not a couple of infected army recruits. Of course these people are rolling around in their sleep in chicken feces.

Do I still contend this is a little alarmist? Yes. Things like this are alarmist, not news,

Millions could die if it becomes easily transmissible between people, causing a global outbreak.

Its the local news mentality, not education for the public for a possible flu pandemic.

“Honey, the news just said bird flu could kill millions. It must be a major threat. Thank God I read that, we better get preparing.”