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Sunday, September 24th 2006

Quick Hits Week 4

Boy I was wrong in my expectations for this weekend of college football. No one should imagine Arizona is a bad team. They’re bad. Really bad. Yeah, they get reved up for their first Pac 10 game and against USC no less. They were playing above their talent level but we made them look way better than they are.

One game shouldn’t make for concerns. And we won, handily because of our defense. But, our offense did not look up to snuff with other top 10 talent – say, LSU. Not even close. Let’s hope it was an off night, but we showed some of the same concerns we have in previous games…which may catch up with us if they persist late into the season versus Oregon or Cal or Notre Dame.

  • Luther Brown stay away from the fullback position…
  • …It’s cursed!
  • How can Stanley Havili fracture his fibula without Lou Holtz messing with a voodoo doll or something?
  • Arizona’s defense was reved up
  • Make no mistake, they’re still terrible
  • And yet we made them look like the defense of a top 25 team
  • Moody’s stats are misleading…
  • …we wore the Arizona defense down over the night and so late he got some big runs
  • I’m not sure this kind’ve channeling of an SEC team – ‘pound’em til they get tired’ – can carry us through an entire Pac 10 season
  • That was an amazing Irish comeback…which I’ve only seen highlights of
  • No one should jump on the Irish defense bandwagon yet though…
  • …because they got themselves into that hole against Mighigan St. with turnovers and terrible defense
  • That was more of a Drew Stanton melt down than an Irish come back
  • Nice offensive balance between run and pass…
  • …in other words VERY predictable game calling by Kiffin & Co.
  • Once again there was no deep threat
  • What does Kiffin not trust about John David Booty?
  • Moody showed incredible determination and at times nice moves
  • He went east – west too much and spent too much time in the backfield…
  • …but I’ll reiterate, that kid ran with power and determination. Impressive
  • Our defense is impressive
  • But that is one of the worst offensive lines we’ll face all year…
  • …if we couldn’t get to Willie Tuitama we wouldn’t be able to get to anyone
  • Poor Dan Hawkins…so close to everyone forgiving the fiasco of his first two games
  • Mark Richt has a QB controversy…
  • …Never a good thing as you move into the SEC season
  • Troy Smith is my Heisman pick, despite those stats against Joe Pa
  • That ‘improvesation’ play, where he escaped the sack and threw it 60 yards for a TD…beautiful
  • Hope Joe Pa feels better
  • Rey Maualuga is a beast! And a future All American
  • What’s going to happen when Taylor Mays is finally tested?
  • The offense looked dicombobulated all game
  • The very, very few times JDB went deep he was off