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Tuesday, September 5th 2006

We're Number 3 & The Trojans Lose Another Title To The Longhorns

In a round up…

USC is now the consensus #3 team in the country after moving up 3 spots from #6 in the AP poll. You wouldn’t know it from those who cover the Trojans exclusively.

One of my favorite bloggers over at Heisman Pundit has some serious faith in our Trojans though. His top 10 is out.

Yeah, Looks About Right…

USC has a bye week, but not Ohio St. and Texas who are now #1 and #2 in the AP poll. Should be a monster match up. Of course, Texas might be playing without starting CB Tarell Brown. Why? Because he’s a rock star.

Brown, a senior starter, was arrested with Tyrell Gatewood, a backup junior linebacker and special teams player, and former Texas linebacker Aaron Harris.

Brown was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon, a loaded 9 mm handgun, and Class A misdemeanor, and possession of under 2 ounces of marijuana, a Class B misdemeanor.

I Thought It Was
Of course over at Burnt Orange Nation they’re quick to point out that he’s not necessarily guilty. Except of course in the all important court of public opinion. Hang Him!
And to think, just weeks ago USC was the “Miami of the West”. Yet another title the Trojans have lost to the Longhorns.

What The Police Report Didn’t Tell Us: Tarell Was Also In The Buff Playing The Bongo Drums

Luckily the coaching staff is asserting control in Austin,

Coach Mack Brown said he met with both players and was “holding them out of all team functions as we gather as much information as possible before making a team decision.”

That’s TWO Recent Run Ins With The Law!

The other run in with the law? Well, if you don’t remember, that was Ramonce Taylor. Mr. Taylor CALLED the police after a fight. He called them. Then, when the other parties claimed he threatened to return with a gun during the fight (the fight for which he had called the police), they put him in handcuffs and asked him if they could search his car.

His answer? Yes. What did they find? More than five pounds of weed. So, let us get this right – you call the cops to the scene AND you give them permission to search your car DESPITE the fact you know you have a bunch of marijuana in the back. That is Vince Young smart.

Okay, I’ve mocked them enough. In Brown’s defense the joint was NOT found on him. Former Longhorn Harris was driving the car and admitted to having smoked Marijuana that night according to an Austin station.

Apparently Brown has taken a drug test for the Longhorns to show he hasn’t been smoking. As for the gun he was carrying, it wasn’t his, but it was apparently a registered firearm for the real owner.

Back on USC news, jack ass Scott Wolf lifts his daily round up in the Daily News to new heights by playing off an 18 year old kid as a cry baby.

As USC concluded its blowout victory over Arkansas, freshman tailback Stafon Johnson was crying on the sideline, but they were not quite tears of joy.

Johnson’s emotional display came from the fact he was the only tailback who did not play for the Trojans in the season-opener.

“I feel as if I didn’t contribute or anything,” Johnson said. “Everyone wants to compete and get out there and show what they can do.”

But the former Dorsey High of Los Angeles star said he was not impatient about being buried on the depth chart.

“I’m just playing my role,” he said. “Whenever it comes, it comes. I’m taking it day-by-day.”

Asked if he thought about redshirting this season, Johnson said, “No sir.”

Classy and completely news worthy as well.

On a good note, maybe the hard hitting Stafon will get his shot at safety with Josh Pinkard out for the season. Which is terrible, terrible news in and of itself. I really like Stafon and think he’s a talented althelete.

Finally, if you watched as much college football this weekend as I did, you have to question how effective the new 1″ kick off tee is. It is all antecedal, but I swear it looks like there are as many, if not more, touchbacks than in previous seasons. Look at van Blarcom for USC or the FSU – Miami game last night.