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Tuesday, September 12th 2006

What I Interact With Affects My Health?!

Part of my trip up to Washington was lobbying on Obama’s Healthy Places Act. S. 2506 isn’t exactly the most ground shaking bill but it does a lot to provide states with mechanisms to assess how everything from traffic to the distribution of fast food restaurants to the smog spewing plant next door contribute to chronic health problems.

In light on that, I thought this summary of a study showing traffic related polution contributes to otitis media (ear infections) was really releavant.

“These findings indicate an association between exposure to traffic-related air pollutants and the incidence of otitis media,” the authors write. “Given the ubiquitous nature of air pollution exposure and the importance of otitis media to children’s health, these findings have significant public health implications.”

“Air pollution exposure may result in a more severe or persistent infection — for example, by decreasing mucociliary clearance — making progression to otitis media more likely,” the authors conclude. “Addressing these or other possibilities will require further research.”