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Tuesday, September 5th 2006

When Chuck Norris Meets The ACGME

A new JAMA study finds the ACGME work hour restrictions for residents didn’t exactly enjoy full compliance. Over the first year of the rules more than a third of interns reported working for a continuous span of >30 hours at least once (in violation of the rules). And more than 40% reported working more than 80 hour/wk (averaged over 4 weeks).

When Chuck Norris Met The Work Hour Rules…The Result Wasn’t Pretty

Since the JAMA article is subscription only, here’s the WebMD write up. For all the non-compliance reported the rules do appear to be having a positive effect.

A before-and-after check of interns’ hours show the rules made a difference.

Interns’ average hours shrank from more than 70 weekly hours before the rules went into effect to about 66 afterwards, the study shows.

But the rules weren’t always observed.

And since integrating Chuck Norris into this post as an analogy for non-compliance made no sense here is a link to Chuck Norris Facts, just for a hoot.