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Saturday, September 30th 2006

Who's #2?

Auburn struggled against lowly South Carolina. Then USC really struggles with Washington St.

I’m actually not sure which opponent is worse. But two things will hurt the pollster’s opinions of USC. First, USC played on Saturday (albeit late) and probably more pundits and Coaches saw the USC game versus the Thursday night Auburn-South Carolina game.

Yeah, I’m Old. So What? I Almost Beat The Trojans.
Wanna Fight About It?

Second, Auburn and USC have both played Washington St. with the Trojans fighting to pull out a victory and Auburn killing them. This isn’t really fair, Washington St. and South Carolina are probably of pretty comparable talent. Washington St. was away against Auburn, in a hostile enviornment, in their first game of the season, against an opponent they didn’t know very well.

Against, USC they were at home, facing a team they were more than prepared for strategy wise (having played the Trojans every year). These are some of the same points that allowed South Carolina to compete against Auburn.

In both games tauted defenses got shown up. I think USC will stay #2 in both the Coaches’ and Harris polls but we’ll see if the margain between the teams narrows. Of course as I write this the #1 team in the country is still playing and I’m assuming theOSU doesn’t implode and give up a 14 point lead to Iowa in the 4th quarter.

I’ll have more tomorrow in the weekly ‘Quick Hits’.