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Friday, October 27th 2006

A Bounce Back Week

Week 9 picks are up. After having a week, last week in which a monkey with darts should’ve statistically done as well (my worst week of the year), I feel a little more comfortable with my picks this week.

The one’s I’m “really” confident on? Well, not to anger the Orgeron, but…

Auburn (-19.0) v. Ole Miss

As well, I’d go with…
USC (-10.5) v. Oregon State – Especially if you find it at 10 points
Texas A&M (-4.5) v. Baylor
Tennessee (-3.5) v. South Carolina – Way, way too much credit to the Old Ball Coach’s success versus the Volunteers at Florida

If I had to pick one of my not to cover picks (Northwestern, Bufallo ?!?!, Miami, Georgia), I’d have to go with

Miami (+5.0) v. Georgia Tech

I only give that one because despite always being nervous about picking a team not to cover I’m 80% on the year when I pick the underdog.

Let’s see if I can do better than last week and go 5/5 on my “confident” picks.