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Saturday, October 14th 2006

Brain Tumors Supposed To Be Bad Omens

Slight joking aside, what a huge victory for Indiana over #15 Iowa. Coach Hoeppner underwent brain surgery to remove scar tissue that accumulated after a previous procedure to remove a tumor recently. He came back two weeks later.

I was really confident that Indiana would make a game of it. I picked Iowa to fell the spread of almost 20 points. That just seemed really big. I thought Indiana’s crushing by Wisconsin was a loss to a very good team (look what the Badgers did to Minnesota). Also, Iowa is way overrated, this is not a top 25 team. I know they were the kind’ve “fresh” back door pick for the Big Ten in the preseason…but how often with Drew Tate under center has this Iowa team been overrated (have you seen this team the past several years against archrival lowly Iowa State?)

Anyway, even I didn’t imagine a Indiana victory, but what a big step for this program.