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Tuesday, October 3rd 2006

CNN Anchor Watches Movie, Becomes Expert

Another global warming post comes via Drudge. Watch as Washington’s biggest global warming denier goes on CNN and butts head with an anchor who, despite his disdain for the Senator, I assure you has never sifted through any data or done more than read a global warming disaster press release.

And by “assure you,” I mean he has a PhD in Globalwarmingology from Georgetown University.

You Might As Well Give Up Senator Inhofe, Anchor Miles O’Brien’s Is Bigger

Here’s the video stream of the Inhofe – O’Brien ho-down.

The Committee on Enviornment and Public Works press release has the funniest quote however,

Senator Inhofe also questioned O’Brien about his 1992 CNN report regarding fears of a coming ice age. O’Brien responded by citing the 2004 fictional Hollywood global disaster movie, “The Day After Tomorrow” to back up his science reporting. “This is “The Day After Tomorrow” scenario that we’re talking about,” O’Brien said after being confronted by Senator Inhofe on his climate reporting.

Cite a study or data? You can’t trust viewers to stay with you when you start babbling that stuff. But reference a Hollywood movie and you’re floating on credibility.

In O’Brien’s World

Here’s the written column from O’Brien’s reportn from Kyoto in ’97. And his recent global warming feature piece “Melting Point” transcript.