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Wednesday, October 11th 2006

Getting Creative

A Florida plantiff stifled by Florida’s med mal cap in finding the reimbursement he felt he deserved for a nosocomial fungal infection, is suing the construction comapny which built the hospital.

Kottkamp was close to death two years ago, after a devastating mold infection developed in his chest following heart-bypass surgery. But Kottkamp isn’t suing the doctors or hospital, whose financial liability would be limited. Instead, he is targeting a multibillion-dollar building firm, contending its shoddy work allowed the mold into the hospital. In a strange political twist, Kottkamp is using legal tactics that Florida’s Republican-ruled Legislature has struggled to stamp out.

The skip and beat to this story? He’s the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

“Presenile Dementia” Led Him To Forget What Party He Belongs To

H/T Kevin, MD via Overlawyered (good posts here and here) via Torts Prof Blog.