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Saturday, October 14th 2006

Heisman Voter's Job Made Easier

Adrian Peterson is likely out for the season…as if this season could get much worse for Bob Stoops.

“Just diving into the end zone and when he landed, he landed wrong,” Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said. “At this point it looks like the best thing, the earliest he would be ready to play, would be a bowl game.”

Wish him a quick recovery.

In other news, long shot but quickly closing Garrett Wolfe (who was on pace to break Barry Sanders single season record) ran for 25 yards (!) against Western Michigan. There goes his candidacy.

Who WANTS to win the Heisman? I mean it is basically Brady Quinn and Troy Smith kicking each other’s shins at this point.

This could be the season for a “dark horse” to come out of the second half and take the Trophy with the way this is playing out. Especially if Michigan upsets Smith and Brady doesn’t play well against USC (even in a losing effort).

Those are big IFs of course.