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Saturday, October 21st 2006

It Was Different!

It was a conference game! It was at Nebraska! It was snowing! Bill Callahan ran a bizarre gameplan against USC!


It would’ve helped ‘SC a bunch in the computers if Nebraska had won. But there should be no excuses that this game doesn’t make USC’s win over Nebraska look more and more like a quality win. USC beat this Huskers team by 3 scores, and yet Taylor and Lucky and the Black Shirts took the Horns to the limit. McCoy & Co. escaped though, after Nebraska fumbled trying to run out the clock and Texas kicked a field goal with 27 seconds left.

I thought Texas was going to handle this game…didn’t come to pass. This was a “pot hole” week for my picks. I’ve missed 3 of 5 of my picks for the 11 o’ clock games. Including 2 of my “not to cover” picks.

Auburn will have to step it up against Tulane in the second half. As will Notre Dame. I’ll make it up next week, which is shaping up to be an “easy” one.